100% Control 2D/2.5D Inline


Plant for 100% Inline Control

Equipment for 100% inspection of electronic or mechanical assemblies and individual parts.

The system provides continuous inspection of components through an integrated feed system. Options for radiating the test specimen from different views incl. angles.

Full protective housing with feeding and removal of parts via airlocks.



Fully automatic evaluation and assessment of the test specimens using AI-based evaluation software.

Parameter transfer to upstream or downstream manufacturing systems according to industry standard 4.0.

Industrial 2D and 3D X-ray machines (computed tomography) play an increasingly important role in factory automation for quality and manufacturing.

New components and parts are becoming more complex and lighter. As components change, so does the inspection technology.

In addition to good/bad sorting, the numerous data obtained from the inspection are used to control upstream and downstream processes in accordance with Industry 4.0.

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