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Quality in the Industry, We are Right Partner for You

Certified according to ISO9001:2015 And ISO 14001:2015

Founded in 1998, more than 20 years of experience in thousands of projects

Globally positioned with experienced engineers and laboratories for immediate analysis and resulting implementation of measures. Operating worldwide, we are approved by most automotive manufacturers (OEM).

It does not have to be a standing assembly line at the customer’s site, but every manufacturer wants to avoid customer complaints, as they are usually associated with high costs. Here, effective and efficient quality assurance and advance quality planning are the best tools for prevention. Take advantage of our years of experience to jointly integrate the optimal quality improvement measures into your process chain.

Product, rework, measuring and sorting / In-house or in our halls

  • Troubleshooting & de-escalation management in case of errors
  • Sorting of the stock
  • Restriction of the affected goods
  • Q-gate and firewall management
  • Control and rework by our experienced staff
  • ESD equipment in our halls and mobile
  • Flash actions of electronic assemblies
  • Software updating
  • Equipment for the most common bus systems available
  • Own programming department available
  • 3D microscopy
  • Endoscopy / Videoscopy
  • Value added warehousing
  • Quality in (intra-) logistics
  • Interim / Shopfloor Management
  • Own fixture construction
  • Own 3D printing
  •  Professional reporting and visualization of results

Quality Process

  • Product and quality planning (APQP)
  • Sampling (PPAP)
  • Complaint processing (8D, 5Why, Ishikawa, actual-actual, etc.)
  • Interface management customer<>supplier
  • Fault elimination process (immediate measures, Q-Gate, firewall, FMEA)
  • Preparation and support for auditing (internal/external)
  • Training, auditing and coaching
  • Value added warehousing
  • Quality in (intra-) logistics
  • Interim Quality Management
  • Interim / Shopfloor Management
  • Auditing and auditing coaching
  • Interface management
  • Quality services
  • Quality trainings

Quality Control:

We support you in the WE inspection and in-process inspection in your production. The inspections can be carried out visually as well as technically, simple or highly complex.

The incoming goods inspection is a central area, which is used for your product assurance as well as for monitoring the quality specifications of your customer. Here we are at your disposal 24/7 as a competent partner.

Quality Assurance:

Create confidence in your customer and your products by fulfilling and monitoring all quality requirements. We support you with the documentation in all quality topics and areas. Employee instruction and training as well as effectiveness testing are further important tasks and topics where you can trust and fall back on our expertise.

Quality Improvement:

In the area of Kaizen, the continuous improvement process, you have a strong partner at your side. According to Deming, the PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-act), we will work with you to further develop and continuously improve your products and processes in order to save important resources.

We would be happy to provide you with a Six Sigma expert to increase efficiency in your company.

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