2D / 2.5D X-ray Analysis - Single Piece to Series

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Industrial 2D X-ray inspection, also called X-ray analysis or radiography, is the fastest but in many cases also the most suitable method of non-destructive material, material or component testing. Modern industrial X-ray systems produce images with the highest level of detail down to the nanometer range and impress with high contrasts. This creates a fantastic insight into your product – virtually in real time! Industrial 2D X-ray inspection delivers results in seconds or, in inline operation, even in fractions of a second. Industrial X-ray systems with high performance are used for castings. For the X-ray examination of filigree parts such as electronics, multi-axis X-ray systems with rotary tables and angle-adjustable detectors are suitable for optimally exposing the component to be examined.

Industrial 2D X-ray - Fast, cost-effective, efficient, target-oriented!

Test individual parts, prototypes or several thousand components per day in series production.
Examples of industrial 2D X-ray examinations

X-ray examination of electronic components

2D/2.5D X-ray analysis of electronic components

Our laboratories regularly analyze a wide range of electronic components with regard to their processing and functionality. For example: stamped grids, printed circuit boards and tracks, surface-mount devices (SMDs), column grid arrays (CGAs) or ball grid arrays (BGAs).

X-Ray Examination of Castings

2D/2.5D X-Ray Analysis of Cast Components

Blowhole analysis on cast materials according to DIN VDG and ASTM. Voids are cavities that can occur during solidification of cast parts. Voids can occur singly or in clusters. Blowholes can weaken the workpiece, especially in thin-walled areas, and lead to mechanical fractures due to stress.

X-Ray Examination of Plastic Components

2D/2.5D X-Ray Analysis of Plastic Components

Industrial 2D X-ray analysis on plastic components. Plastics can be analyzed for voids and inclusions just like metal components. 

Fiber direction and fiber distribution are also visible on fiber composites in 2D. Plastic weld seams can be assessed very well with industrial 2D X-ray. On overmolded stamping grids, 2D X-ray can be used to check for glitter, the position of the stamping grid and for tin deposits.


The Number of Objects to be Examined is Unlimited

The number of samples that can be analyzed by industrial 2D and 3D X-ray range from samples from engineering, geology, art, medicine, pharmacy and biology to application areas that we have not even thought about yet. Almost any kind of material and material mix can be radiographed and analyzed by 2D and computed tomography.

Just ask us about your samples without obligation. 

Please also have a look at our X-RAY Gallery to get some inspiration.

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