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XRAY-LAB sdftware XAPP-Manager for industrial computed tomography
XVOIDPRO software
2D BGA X-Ray analysis
XVOID-PRO / BGA Analysis
industrial comuted tomography e-mobility bipolarblade
Bipolar Plate / Fuel cell
software development XVOLUMEVIEWER XRAY-LAB software
XREPORT software for x-ray analysis reporting
Industrial X-RAY HairPin analysis software
XPIN / HairPin Analysis

ApplicationsXAP-Manager-PRO (XMP)

 The XRAY-LAB App Manager (XAP PRO) is used to manage and activate the software modules offered by XRAY-LAB.

In addition, free tools are provided for daily work. In the user management console, access rights can be managed individually or collectively for each module, user or user group. Activated users can only access the modules, projects and data assigned to them. The rights assignments can be easily changed by administrators at any time to adjust the roles within an organization.

The XAP Manager is the control center for the softwares we offer.
  • Starting the XRAY-LAB software modules
  • Configuring the XRAY-LAB software modules
  • Updating the XRAY-LAB software modules
  • X-Tools
  • Tools for processing, managing X-ray images and CT analyses
  • User management system
  • Change and customize user roles such as view, edit, modify or delete
  • Authorization and control of user roles on administrator level
  • User and access rights based support
  • Rights management on module level
  • Software documentation
  • News Central
XRAY LAB XAP Mockup Software for Industrial X-ray Systems


XVOID-PRO is the market leader for the analysis of solder joints on electronic components.

The software was developed with the latest programming technology using artificial intelligence (AI).Solder joints are detected fully automatically and the gas content is evaluated according to IPC A610. A report can be output in xlsx (Excel®) or CSV format. The failure of an electronic assembly often has devastating consequences. Therefore solder joints have immense importance for the function of an electronic assembly.


XVOID-PRO BGA (Ball Grid Array)

Automatic BGA analysis. The balls are automatically detected by means of artificial intelligence and the gas content is evaluated as a percentage.

Missing balls and shape deviations of the balls are detected and marked fully automatically according to a preset threshold value.

The determined values are stored per component and ball. A report per component and ball can be output in xlsx (Excel®) or csv format.


With XREPORT-PRO, professional inspection reports can be created according to common industry standards.

XREPORT-PRO offers a comfortable, user-friendly interface and a complete Picture Markup Module (PMM).

Using the report creation wizard, markers and texts can be created in the captured image data. Table data and texts can be read in. Reports can be stored in a database with keywords.

Reports can be displayed, saved or printed as PDF, JPG or HTML.

XREPORT-PRO offers a fully customizable multilingual user interface.

Other features include:

  • Create high quality test reports
  • Output to PDF, interactive HTML, PNG and JPG formats
  • Instant preview of the whole report
  • Flexible customization of the test report
  • Retrieval of reports using keywords or free text search
  • Personalization of reports e.g. with company logo and address data
  • Image editing
XREPORT software for x-ray analysis reporting


XENHANCER-PRO (XEP) technology makes X-ray images more dynamic. More details become visible in the image without fading in and out via the histogram.

With XENHANCER-PRO (XEP), developed by XRAY-LAB, even older X-ray images can become more dynamic.

The software can process X-ray images in the background via batch processing. XENHANCER-PRO (XEP) does not require any changes or installation on the machine for existing X-ray systems.

The software can be run on a separate workstation and also offers the option of semi- or fully-automatic evaluation.

2D x-ray void analysis

XVOID-PRO XBI Bipolar Plate Analysis / Fuel Cells

For the examination of weld seams and geometric deviations on bipolar plates.

Bipolar plates have long laser-welded seams to separate the individual stacks.

These must be absolutely tight.

The XBI software module can evaluate X-ray images and computer tomographies of bipolar plates in seconds.



Special software modules for e-mobility, for the evaluation of industrial X-ray images on HairPins and bipolar plates.

HairPins are the connections for the windings on an electric motor.

Bipolar plates are used in fuel cells.

XRAY-LAB industrial x-ray software e-mobility


XPIN add-on module for the evaluation of welded HairPins for e-mobility.

XPIN uses AI algorithms to recognize the shape of the HairPin and evaluates the percentage of gas in fractions of a second.


XVolume-Viewer-PRO offers an interface developed according to the latest programming techniques for viewing and analyzing computed tomography data and results.

The software is available as an app for installation on a PC running Windows and as a browser-based application. The app and also the web application are available as free viewers.

Through the web application it is possible to share results without installing any software. Results can be shared immediately without time-consuming file transfer of large CT data.

The software is based on artificial intelligence AI algorithms and forms the basis for the inline CT analysis of our almost CT systems.

3D / 4D-CT Analysis

The data generated by this method enables a 4D CT analysis of the spatial and temporal behavior of a test specimen.

Such analyses are used in quality assurance where a CT analysis is performed during a stress test, for example. In the field of biology, growth behavior can also be studied using 4D CT analysis.

 XVolume Viewer can process various volume data formats, including DICOM data, which is often used in medicine.

Built-in presets allow quick evaluation of the data sets.

software development XVOLUMEVIEWER XRAY-LAB software
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