Used X-ray Machines for Industrial Use

We have generally overhauled 2D or 3D X-Ray systems in stock worldwide

  • You want to quickly buy or rent an existing system that is available.
  • Ask us, we have industrial 2D X-ray systems and computer tomography systems in stock.
  • The systems are completely overhauled and can be adapted and upgraded for your intended use.
  • The systems can be equipped with our AI software for automatic evaluations.
  • Our engineers install the system on site and train your staff.
  • We offer you complete systems, spare parts, and wear parts at an attractive price.

Excerpt from our inventory / Please ask us first

225kV industrial x-ray machine

Used high-resolution 160kV Microfocus X-ray system for Electronics

  • 160 kV open transmission tube
  • Analog image intensifier. Can be converted to a flat detector if desired
  • Multi-axis system x,y,z distance tube detector, turntable
  • Freely programmable axes
  • Creation of programs and test cycles
  • Lateral lock for the fully automatic feeding of circuit boards from a circuit board rack
  • Ideal for electronics, small parts and installation inspections.

The system has a fully automatic feeder with evaluation software for analyzing populated conductor tracks. But also offers the opportunity for laboratory tests of individual parts by pivoting the detector, 2.5D radiation is possible.

This makes sense when examining electronic solder connections and installation checks

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