3D Object Scanner


3D Object Detection by Means of Laser Scanner or Strip Light Projection

3D Scan of External Geometries

For large components that are not so complex in terms of geometry and where the internal structures are not important, a 3D laser scan or a strip light projection can be the better and cheaper method of 3D object detection. In contrast to computer tomography, laser scanning or fringe light projection only scans the outer visible surface of the component. A statement about defects in the material cannot be made.

Both the target/actual comparison and the generation of 3D printable data sets are possible.

  • Fast and precise capture of the component surface
  • Handheld scanners as flexible 3D measurement systems
  • Mobile measurements possible on site
  • 3D acquisition of components from 2 mm up to several meters possible
  • Very high data quality
  • Further processing by means of reverse engineering to CAD model possible


The component is positioned in front of the 3D scanner or, in the case of very large and heavy components, the hand-guided laser scanner is guided around the component. The measurement is then taken from several angles. Software automatically merges the individual scans into a 3D model. Optionally, the component can be photo-realistically textured in a further work step

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