Computed tomography (CT)

Software Übersicht

Software für industrielle Röntgensysteme

Software Made By XRAY-LAB Software for industrial X-ray systems XAP-MANAGER XVOID-PRO XVOID-PRO / BGA Analysis Bipolar Plate / Fuel cell XPIN / HairPin Analysis XREPORT PRO XVOLUME-VIEWER-PRO XAP-Manager-PRO (XMP) The XAP Manager is the control center for the softwares we offer. Starting the XRAY-LAB software modules Configuring the XRAY-LAB software modules Updating the XRAY-LAB software …

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Hochenergie Computertomographie

High Energy Computer Tomography High energy computed tomography systems for large parts that are difficult to radiate through. Systems for parts up to several meters can be realized. A complete vehicle or larger. Completely according to your requirements. With our modular manipulator unit there is also the possibility to upgrade existing 2D linear accelerator systems to …

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Methods of analysis Computed tomography


Industrial computed tomography methods of analysis Explanantion Video If the part is detected by industrial computer tomography, a wide variety of analysis methods can be applied without destroying the test sample.This is a considerable time advantage and cost saving compared to conventional destructive testing methods. Methods of analysis industrial computed tomography Data quality analysis …

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Computed Tomography

Computertomographie (CT) - Porositätsanalyse

Computed tomography (CT) Porosity AnalysisPorosity AnalysisPorosity AnalysisWall Thickness AnalysisElectronic AnalysisCrimpRivet JointAssembly ControlE-Mobility / Hair PINE-Mobility / Battery CellE-Mobility / Battery CellBipolar Plate / E-MobilityFuel Cell Previous Next Functional sequence of a computed tomography In industrial computed tomography, objects are recorded three-dimensionally as a volume in which they are rotated 360° and thousands of images are …

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InlineCT & RoboCT

Schnelle Computertomographie Inline

Inline and By Line CT with AI based Evaluation 100% control through InlineCT Advancing technology in industrial computed tomography allows even large components to be inspected three-dimensionally within a few seconds. High-precision sources for X-rays with stable run times, low-wear detectors with high resolutions and frame rates ensure high throughput. Advanced AI supported software , …

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