Computed tomography (CT)


Hochenergie Computertomographie

High Energy Computer Tomography High energy computed tomography systems for large parts that are difficult to radiate through. Systems for parts up to several meters can be realized. A complete vehicle or larger. Completely according to your requirements. With our modular manipulator unit there is also the possibility to upgrade existing 2D linear accelerator systems to …

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Methods of analysis Computed tomography


Industrial computed tomography methods of analysis Explanantion Video If the part is detected by industrial computer tomography, a wide variety of analysis methods can be applied without destroying the test sample.This is a considerable time advantage and cost saving compared to conventional destructive testing methods. Methods of analysis industrial computed tomography Data quality analysis …

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Computed Tomography

Computertomographie (CT) - Porositätsanalyse

Computed tomography (CT) Porosity AnalysisPorosity AnalysisPorosity AnalysisWall Thickness AnalysisElectronic AnalysisCrimpRivet JointAssembly ControlE-Mobility / Hair PINE-Mobility / Battery CellE-Mobility / Battery CellBipolar Plate / E-MobilityFuel Cell Previous Next Functional sequence of a computed tomography In industrial computed tomography, objects are recorded three-dimensionally as a volume in which they are rotated 360° and thousands of images are …

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InlineCT & RoboCT

Schnelle Computertomographie Inline

Inline and By Line CT with AI based Evaluation 100% control through InlineCT Advancing technology in industrial computed tomography allows even large components to be inspected three-dimensionally within a few seconds. High-precision sources for X-rays with stable run times, low-wear detectors with high resolutions and frame rates ensure high throughput. Advanced AI supported software , …

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