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Our location in the south of the USA

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

XRAY-LAB Alabama in Tuscaloosa is located directly in the heart of the industrial center of German automotive manufacturers located in the southern states. Since 2004, we have been performing on-site services for various automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of different support services.  Already during the research and development (R&D) phase we advise on quality issues or offer comprehensive services in the area of containment & rework. Whether warranty case analyses, quality measures in production or ongoing support, throughout the entire product life cycle you have the right partner at your side with XRAY-LAB.

Our services range from our own laboratory and depot with 24/7 availability to on-site operations at our customers’ plants or their suppliers. From simple sorting and rework orders with only a few parts to quantities in the hundreds of thousands, we create results for our customers and their clients. Support in pre-assembly and manufacturing of (sub-)assemblies as well as production ramp-up complete our portfolio for you.

Through thousands of successfully completed orders in the containment and rework area our capabilities have grown steadily and this has enabled us to build up our technical capabilities for complex timely analysis e.g. through our own ultrasonic testing or X-ray & CT systems. Our X-ray services provide our customers with multi-layered insight into their components and assemblies to assure quality or freedom from defects. Whether it is a printed circuit board or a very complex sensor array, we deliver meaningful results for our customers.

For our customers whose own facilities are not located near the OEM or your tier supplier, we also offer resident engineering or resident liaison solutions. In this way, we provide various reporting, incident prevention and response capabilities to the end customer on-site as needed. Based on your needs or requirements of your client, these services are performed on a part-time or full-time basis. Especially for suppliers with minimal interaction requirements, this can be a very efficient and cost-effective solution.

In addition to our experience, our customers have also grown and we have been able to steadily expand the industries we serve. We no longer just cover the automotive industry with our services, but our customers now include companies in the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding as well as offshore solutions, medical technology and the ever-growing field of additive manufacturing. The pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency has led us to become a leader in the field of X-ray non-destructive testing. We now develop and offer proprietary software solution and auxiliary components such as the PolyCT, to our customers. This helps our customers to achieve better measurement results with higher throughput rates.

XRAY-LAB is your partner from the simplest problem solving to the most complex material analysis of modern composites or production processes.

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