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X-Ray Lab Software

Software für industrielle Röntgensysteme

Software for industrial X-ray systems XAP-MANAGER XVOID-PRO XVOID-PRO / BGA Analysis Bipolar Plate / Fuel cell XVOLUME-VIEWER-PRO XREPORT PRO XPIN / HairPin Analysis XAP-Manager-PRO (XMP) The XAP Manager is the control center for the softwares we offer. Starting the XRAY-LAB software modules Configuring the XRAY-LAB software modules Updating the XRAY-LAB software modules X-Tools Tools for …

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3D WEB Viewer

Online View CT data with Web Browser Online Analysis of CT data on any Web-Enabled device XVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LABXVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LABXVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LABXVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LABXVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LABXVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LABXVOLUMEVIEWER PROSoftware by XRAY-LAB Previous Next Manage and view your data from anywhere and on any device, no matter where you …

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Hochenergie Computertomographie

High Energy Computer Tomography High energy computed tomography systems for large parts that are difficult to radiate through. Systems for parts up to several meters can be realized. A complete vehicle or larger. Completely according to your requirements. With our modular manipulator unit there is also the possibility to upgrade existing 2D linear accelerator systems to …

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Standard 2D/3D Machines

Standard System 2D/3D (CT) Computer Tomographs and 2D/2.5 Systems Standard 2D/3D Machines selection is challenging because every system is not suitable for every application and material. The evaluation and analysis of electronic components and soldered joints places different demands on an X-ray system than the examination of cast components. We will be pleased to help you …

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Nazca Sculpture

free web header Nazca Sculpture

Ancient Nazca Sculpture The utility of industrial computed tomography for the study and authentication of ancient ceramics Examination of a vessel from the Peruvian Nazca culture serves as an example   Peter Graßmann, art historian, Villingen-Schwenningen / XRAY-LAB For Private collectors as well as museums are equally interested in the high number Counterfeiting ancient objects poses a …

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CT Rose – Computertomography in Agriculture

computed tomography on a rose bud

CT Rose – Computed Tomography of a Rosebud CT Rose – Spring is coming State-of-the-art Technology is used in the Cultivation of Plants In the agricultural sector, industrial computed tomography provides an insight into the invisible. State-of-the-art technology is used in the cultivation of plants. Increase yields without using chemical fertilizers. Insights into the hidden …

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Our Global Locations XRAY-LAB GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading machine and plant manufacturers and service providers in the field of non-destructive materials testing with a focus on industrial X-ray testing. Our systems are developed according to the industry standard 4.0 and our evaluation software is programmed according to the latest knowledge …

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Rental Service X-Ray Sytems

Mietservice für Röntgensyteme

Rental Service / Full Service We offer a rental service for a temporary use of an industrial 2D or 3D computed tomography system in your premises. Suitable for single, serial and mass examinations. We Organize: Transport Installation Help you with the official permission Training of your employees Creation of devices Creation of programs Evaluations Radiation …

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InlineCT & RoboCT

Schnelle Computertomographie Inline

Inline and By Line CT with AI based Evaluation 100% control through InlineCT Advancing technology in industrial computed tomography allows even large components to be inspected three-dimensionally within a few seconds. High-precision sources for X-rays with stable run times, low-wear detectors with high resolutions and frame rates ensure high throughput. Advanced AI supported software , …

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