XRAY-LAB GmbH & Co. KG has developed into a broadly positioned international company since its founding in 1998. What started with the business area of industrial X-ray analysis in 2D and 3D computed tomography and quality analysis was quickly expanded to include other services in the field of NDT(Non Destructive Testing).

Today, our clientele includes well-known international companies from the automotive, aerospace, electronics and military sectors.
Since the beginning, the company has developed in the field of
X-ray examinations in 2D/2.5D and computed tomography made a name for themselves. Today, we can offer our services, machines and software at our locations, which are located in the most important economic regions of the world. We provide our customers with a machine park with the latest technology from 60kV to 9MeV for their tests.
High quantities and series-accompanying tests are our daily work, just like the testing of individual parts or components.

The area of special plant engineering in combination with our in-house software development takes care of customer-specific machines for inline operation but also for special machines and high-energy machines in the area of research, development and laboratory.
At an early stage, we dealt with the topic of AI Artificial Intelligence and developed software for the evaluation of industrial X-ray images.
Our AI based software finds application in the areas of:

  • Electronic
  • E-Mobility
  • Fuel cells
  • Casting
  • Plastic
  • -and many other applications

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In industrial computed tomography, objects are recorded three-dimensionally as a volume in which they are rotated 360° and thousands of images are taken.
The great advantage is that internal structures are also displayed.
The scanned model can then be viewed and cut in three dimensions.

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xis.ai is a venture of XRAY-LAB, on a mission to automate Visual Quality Inspection with AI & Robotics. Through Camera & No-Code Computer Vision Platform enables Non-Technical Industrial Users to Develop, Deploy, and Utilize Automated Visual Inspection (AOI) applications.

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